Webinar: Global Mega-Trends: Navigating BIM Strategy

October 31, 2012
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Global Mega-Trends:
Navigating BIM Strategy in a Changing World

Wednesday, October 31, 2012, 2:00PM - 3:30PM EST 

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2012 continues to be a year in which we’re reminded once again that the global construction industry, as big as it is, plays second fiddle to the state of the global economy. With the outlook continuing to look uncertain, many contractors are looking to defensive business strategies, becoming more nimble, more opportunistic, or even on occasion making bold moves, all to better position themselves in reaction to these straitened economic times. Macro-economic change is an example of a ‘mega-trend’, a phenomena that’s global in nature, bigger than any one industry segment and has the power to fundamentally influence the fortune, shape and structure of multiple business sectors. Putting your business hat on, how might you manage your BIM strategy to accommodate these phenomena, with a view to mitigating risk and maximizing opportunity? This session will explore the four key mega-trends that will most influence the AEC sector over the course of the next decade. Starting with a high-level appreciation of what they are, then uncovering the likely impact on the business models of AEC sector companies, before highlighting the role BIM might play as those companies change direction in response.

Bring your curiosity—and your questions; there will be plenty of time to ask about whatever is on your mind.


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